Printing 101 – How to print

This booklet is a short guide on how to print and which things are essential to know if you’re planning on designing something that should be printed. The booklets are categorized in four topics: before the print, different printing types and processes, bindings and finishing. Every chapter is focusing on one of these and guides you through step by step. Implemented next to the lyrically input there are some simple line-illustrations that should help the reader to understand the read paragraph.

The booklet was made by myself, I used a laser printer for the booklets and I bound the booklets myself with threat and a needle. I made used some waste paper from Gerstaecker that was additionally dyed with some nice organic-like colors. To round off the visual appearance of the project I made the slipcase and embossed the letters on the cover. The last detail was the metal clamp that holds the whole construct together.