Vielfalt durch Design – Concept

In the course of an competition through the FH Joanneum we had given the chance to design the visual appearance of the Designmonat Graz. With my fellow students Christina Cossee, Alyssa Kelle and Benjamin Starz we developed this design concept for the annual event. The idea goes back to the connection from diverse trains of thoughts which create a variable and versatile construct of values, ideas and perceptions, which represent the Designmonat Graz. This concept is reflected by our keyvisual in which numerous dots are attracted to a centerpoint through a almost magnetic force and form a overall big, whole thing. The claim „Vielfalt durch Design“ (Diversity by Design) underlines that statement over again. Through analog workflow via linocut our digital keyvisual got more organic and agile in the analog used print. Equally to that we also designed several printing forms for the event.
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